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This “HTA Toolbox for Emerging Settings: Best Practices and Recommendations” is the result of several studies and reports that have been produced during three years under Work Package 6 of the EU‐funded ADVANCE_HTA project. In producing this, we have received excellent collaboration from many government officials and decision‐makers that have responded to the different surveys that have been prepared and administered during the lifetime of the project as well as experts that have reviewed drafts at different stages of the process. Specifically, government officials and decision‐makers have provided invaluable help for the completion of this toolbox. Additionally, their engagement has been vital through the different workshops (México ‐ November 2014, Chile ‐ September 2015, Poland ‐ September 2014 and 2015) that have been organized under the auspices of Advance‐HTA, where participants contributed to the toolbox in terms of ideas reflections and practical recommendations.

We are also grateful to several experts who contributed by providing feedback and input to this works. We are particularly grateful to Christine Leopold (Post‐Doctoral Research Fellow in Harvard Medical School), for valuable comments on the mapping and case study reports; and to Ludovic Reveiz, (Regional Advisor in knowledge, translation and evidence at Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), who has provided valuable information on evidencebased clinical practice. Essential contribution has been received from Aris Angelis and Panos Kanavos (LSE Health, the London School of Economics) on the Multiple Criteria Decision Analysis (MCDA) chapter of the toolbox. Finally, thanks are due to Maxine Mackintosh for excellent research assistance and editorial support.

It goes without saying that the involvement of the teams at EASP and PAHO has been the driving force behind this document. Our gratitude goes to Leticia García, Araceli Caro, Antonio Olry de Labry and Eva Martín at EASP and Fernanda Lessa, Francisco Caccavo and Flávia Figueiredo at PAHO, who have developed this toolbox. Our hope is that it will prove useful for countries finding themselves at the starting point in the Health Technology Assessment journey.

Jaime Espin (EASP) and Alexandre Lemgruber (PAHO)
ADVANCE_HTA Toolbox Coordinators