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Austerity policies in Europe bad for health

Titulo Austerity policies in Europe bad for health
Autoría Brand H, Rosenkötter N, Clemens T, Michelsen K.
Fuente BMJ. 2013 Jun 13;346:f3716

Health protection within the EU mandate is more relevant than ever. Austerity measures introduced in many European countries as a consequence of the 2008-09 economic crisis have had many adverse effects on social determinants of health. These include falling incomes, high rates of unemployment, reduced funding for education, and higher taxation. Many people (particularly young ones) are out of work—in Spain and Greece over half of under 25 year olds are unemployed.1 The combination of long term unemployment, inappropriate skills, and high entry barriers in rigid labour markets has created fears of a “generation jobless.”2 National austerity packages that have cut health budgets and resulting health policy reforms are additional drivers for adverse health outcomes, especially where health systems were less resilient or weak.

URL www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/23766465
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Impacto en el sistema sanitario --
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