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Gestor bibliográfico Crisis y Salud

Título Autor / Publicación
Austerity, precariousness, and the health status of Greek labour market participants: A view from inside.
Autoría_short Fanourgiakis J.
Fuente_short J Public Health Policy. 2016
Austerity, precariousness, and the health status of Greek labour market participants: Retrospective cohort analysis of employed and unemployed persons in 2008-2009 and 2010-2011.
Autoría_short Barlow P, Reeves A, McKee M, Stuckler D.
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Austerity, socioeconomic inequalities and stalling life expectancy in the UK: Two parallel stories or one?
Autoría_short Demakakos P.
Fuente_short Maturitas. 2018
Austerity: a failed experiment on the people of Europe
Autoría_short McKee M, Karanikolos M, et al
Fuente_short Clin Med. 2012
Austerity: a failed experiment on the people of Europe [Comment]
Autoría_short Holland WW.
Fuente_short Clin Med. 2012
Availability of mental health service providers and suicide rates in Slovenia: a nationwide ecological study.
Autoría_short Korosec Jagodic H, Rokavec T, et al
Fuente_short Croat Med J. 2013
Awareness of human papilloma virus and cervical cancer prevention among Greek female healthcare workers
Autoría_short Farazi PA, Hadji P, Roupa Z.
Fuente_short Eur J Cancer Prev. 2017
Barriers in access to healthcare services for chronic patients in times of austerity: an empirical approach in Greece.
Autoría_short Kyriopoulos I-I., Zavras D., et al
Fuente_short International Journal for Equity in Health 2014
Barriers to accessing biologic treatment for rheumatoid arthritis in Greece: the unseen impact of the fiscal crisis--the Health Outcomes Patient Environment (HOPE) study
Autoría_short Souliotis K, Papageorgiou M, et al
Fuente_short Rheumatol Int. 2014
Barriers to the sustainability of an intervention designed to improve patient engagement within NHS mental health rehabilitation units: a qualitative study nested within a randomised controlled trial.
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Becoming a Young Breadwinner? The Education, Employment and Training Trajectories of Young Fathers.
Autoría_short Neale B, Davies L.
Fuente_short Soc Policy Soc. 2016
Beginning of the end for Spain's national health system
Autoría_short Minué-lorenzo S, Garcia Gutierrez J F, et al
Fuente_short BMJ. 2012
Being hit twice: The psychological consequences of the economic crisis and an earthquake.
Autoría_short Starace F, Mungai F, Sarti E, Addabbo T.
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Between Accommodating and Activating: Framing Policy Reforms in Response to Workforce Aging across Europe
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Fuente_short Int J Press Polit. 2017
Binge alcohol and substance use across birth cohorts and the global financial crisis in the United States.
Autoría_short Yang JC, Roman-Urrestarazu A, Brayne C.
Fuente_short PLoS One. 2018
Biomedical research productivity in Greece: effect of the financial crisis.
Autoría_short Falagas ME, Bardakas V, et al
Fuente_short Int J Epidemiol. 2012
Birds of a Feather Fail Together: Exploring the Nature of Dependency in SME Defaults
Autoría_short Calabrese R, Andreeva G, Ansell J.
Fuente_short Risk Anal. 2017
Black carbon trends in southwestern Iberia in the context of the financial and economic crisis. The role of bioenergy.
Autoría_short Malico I, Pereira SN, Costa MJ.
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Black-skies planning? Prioritising mental health services in times of austerity.
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Brazilian healthcare in the context of austerity: private sector dominant, government sector failing
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