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Gestor bibliográfico Crisis y Salud

Título Autor / Publicación
Assessing the short term health impact of the GreatRecession in the European Union: A cross-country panel analysis.
Autoría_short Toffolutti V, Suhrcke M.
Fuente_short Prev Med. 2014
Assessing the stochastic variability of the Benefit-Cost ratio in roadway safety management.
Autoría_short Cafiso S, D´Agostino C.
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Assessment and Management of Work-Related Stress in Hospital Emergency Departments in Italy.
Autoría_short d´Ettorre G, Greco MR.
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Assessment of alcohol use in health professionals during the economic crisis.
Autoría_short Saridi M, Karra A, Kourakos M, Souliotis K.
Fuente_short Br J Nurs. 2016
Assessment of Anticancer Drug Effects on Pancreatic Cancer Cells under Glucose-Depleted Conditions Using Intracellular and Extracellular Amino Acid Metabolomics
Autoría_short Tomita R, Todoroki K, Hayama T, Yoshida H, Fujioka T, Nakashima M, Yamaguchi M, Nohta H.
Fuente_short Biol Pharm Bull. 2018
Assessment of Staffing, Services, and Partnerships of Local Health Departments - United States, 2015.
Autoría_short Newman SJ, Ye J, Leep CJ, Hasbrouck L, Zometa C.
Fuente_short MMWR Morb Mortal Wkly Rep. 2016
Association among income loss, financial strain and depressive symptoms during COVID-19: Evidence from two longitudinal studies
Autoría_short Hertz-Palmor N, Moore TM, Gothelf D, et al
Fuente_short J Affect Disord 2021
Association between anxiety and depression in patients with acute coronary syndromes due financial crisis.
Autoría_short Lampropoulos K, Kavvouras C, Megalou E, Tsikouri P, Kafkala C, Derka D, Bonou M, Barbetseas J.
Fuente_short Kardiol Pol. 2016
Association between disability-related budget reductions and increasing drug-related mortality across local authorities in Great Britain
Autoría_short Koltai J, McKee M, et al
Fuente_short Soc Sci Med. 2021
Association between long work hours and poor self-reported general health among Latin American immigrant and native workers in the United States and Spain.
Autoría_short Conway SH, Cayuela A, Delclos GL, Pompeii LA, Ronda E.
Fuente_short Am J Ind Med. 2016
Association of job loss, income loss, and financial burden with adverse mental health outcomes during coronavirus disease 2019 pandemic in Thailand: A nationwide cross-sectional study
Autoría_short Ruengorn C, Awiphan R, Wongpakaran N, et al
Fuente_short Depress Anxiety 2021
Association of negative financial shocks during the Great Recession with depressive symptoms and substance use in the USA: the CARDIA study
Autoría_short Swift SL, Elfassy T, Bailey Z, et al
Fuente_short J Epidemiol Community Health 2020
Association of Pediatric Abusive Head Trauma Rates With Macroeconomic Indicators.
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Associative organization of nursing: struggles for the social recognition of the profession (1943-1946)
Autoría_short Teixeira KRB, Queirós PJP, Pereira LA, Peres MAA, Almeida AJ Filho, Santos TCF.
Fuente_short Rev Bras Enferm. 2017
AstraZeneca and Covance Laboratories Clinical Bioanalysis Alliance: an evolutionary outsourcing model
Autoría_short Arfvidsson C, Severin P, Holmes V, Mitchell R, Bailey C, Cape S, Li Y, Harter T.
Fuente_short Bioanalysis. 2017
Asymmetric Effect of Business Cycles on Population Health: Evidence From the ASEAN Countries
Autoría_short Liu YH, et al.
Fuente_short Front Public Health 2020
Atendemos personas, no asegurados. Comunicado ante medidas RD 16/2012
Autoría_short SemFYC.
Fuente_short SemFYC 2012
Attempted suicide during the financialcrisis in Athens
Autoría_short Stavrianakos K, Kontaxakis V, et al
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Attitudes and thoughts of medical practitioners towards their profession in the era of financial crisis in Greece
Autoría_short Nena E, et al.
Fuente_short J Prev Med Hyg 2020
Attitudes to depression and psychiatric medication amid the enduring financial crisis in Attica: Comparison between 2009 and 2014
Autoría_short Economou M, et al.
Fuente_short Int J Soc Psychiatry 2019