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Gestor bibliográfico Crisis y Salud

Título Autor / Publicación
Brazil´s health system woes worsen in economic crisis.
Autoría_short Watts J.
Fuente_short Lancet. 2016
Breaking the taboo: a history of monetary financing in Canada, 1930-1975
Autoría_short Ryan-Collins J.
Fuente_short Br J Sociol. 2017
Breast and cervical screening by race/ethnicity: comparative analyses before and during the great recession.
Autoría_short King CJ, Chen J, et al
Fuente_short Am J Prev Med. 2014
Bridging energy performance gaps of green office buildings via more targeted operations management: A system dynamics approach.
Autoría_short Liu P, Lin B, Wu X, Zhou H.
Fuente_short J Environ Manage. 2019
Bridging knowledge to develop an action plan for integrated care for chronic diseases in Greece.
Autoría_short Tsiachristas A, Lionis C, Yfantopoulos J.
Fuente_short Int J Integr Care. 2015
Brodalumab and suicidal ideation in the context of a recent economic crisis in the United States.
Autoría_short Danesh MJ, Kimball AB.
Fuente_short J Am Acad Dermatol. 2016
Budget crises, health, and social welfare programmes.
Autoría_short Stuckler D, Basu S, et al
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Budget- and priority-setting criteria at state health agencies in times of austerity: a mixed-methods study.
Autoría_short Leider JP, Resnick B, et al
Fuente_short Am J Public Health. 2014
Business cycles, hypertension and cardiovascular disease: evidence from the Icelandic economic collapse.
Autoría_short Asgeirsdottir TL, Olafsdottir T, et al
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Cambios de regulación y de gobierno de la sanidad. Informe SESPAS 2014
Autoría_short Repullo JR.
Fuente_short Gac Sanit. 2014
Can the Accountable Care Organization model facilitate integrated care in England?
Autoría_short Ahmed F, Mays N, Ahmed N, Bisognano M, Gottlieb G.
Fuente_short J Health Serv Res Policy. 2015
Can the economic crisis have an impact on tuberculosis in the EU/EEA?
Autoría_short van der Werf M, Giesecke J, et al
Fuente_short Euro Surveill. 2012
Can Zika Account for the Missing Babies?
Autoría_short Coelho FC, Armstrong M, Saraceni V, Lemos C.
Fuente_short Front Public Health. 2017
Canada owes refugees adequate health coverage.
Autoría_short Stanbrook MB.
Fuente_short CMAJ. 2014
Cancer and its impact on work among the self-employed: A need to bridge the knowledge gap
Autoría_short Sharp L, Torp S, Van Hoof E, de Boer AGEM.
Fuente_short Eur J Cancer Care (Engl). 2017
Cancer screening and health system resilience: keys to protecting and bolstering preventive services during a financial crisis.
Autoría_short Martin-Moreno JM, Anttila A, et al
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Capital-labor struggle: the unspoken causes of the crises.
Autoría_short Navarro V.
Fuente_short Int J Health Serv. 2014
Cardiovascular health status between standard and nonstandard workers in Korea
Autoría_short Seon JJ, Lim YJ, Lee HW, Yoon JM, Kim SJ, Choi S, Kawachi I, Park SM.
Fuente_short PLoS One. 2017
Cardiovascular mortality and the financial crisis in Greece: Trends and outlook.
Autoría_short Vlachadis N, Iliodromiti Z, et al
Fuente_short Int J Cardiol. 2014
Caring for Life-Limiting Illness in Ethiopia: A Mixed-Methods Assessment of Outpatient Palliative Care Needs
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