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Gestor bibliográfico Crisis y Salud

Título Autor / Publicación
An advanced nurse practitioner service for neonates, children and young people
Autoría_short Hyde R.
Fuente_short Nurs Child Young People. 2017
An analysis of death trends in Argentina, 1990-2017, with emphasis on the effects of economic crises
Autoría_short Macchia A, Mariani J, Nul D, et al
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An analysis of media reporting on the closure of freestanding midwifery units in England
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An assessment of the psychometric properties and psychological correlates of the Greek COVID-19 Anxiety Syndrome Scale (C-19ASS)
Autoría_short Seydavi M, Troulli MD, Akbari M, et al.
Fuente_short Clin Psychol Psychother 2023
An Assessment of the Results of European Parliament Elections in Greece and European Union Under the Shadow of Economic Crisis.
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An association of economic hardship with depression and suicidality in times of recession in Greece
Autoría_short Economou M, et al.
Fuente_short Psychiatry Res 2019
An impact of economic slowdown on health. New evidence from 21 European countries
Autoría_short Pr?dkiewicz P, Bem A, Siedlecki R, Kowalska M, Robakowska M.
Fuente_short BMC Public Health 2022
An overview of the burden of oral cancer in Sri Lanka and its inequalities in the face of contemporary economic and social malaise
Autoría_short Perera I, Amarasinghe H, Jayasinghe RD, et al.
Fuente_short Community Dent Oral Epidemiol 2023
An overview of the challenges facing death investigation systems in certain resource limited countries
Autoría_short Obenson K, Enow Orock G.
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Análisis ético ante la retirada de asistencia sanitaria a inmigrantes sin permiso de residencia
Autoría_short SEMFYC
Fuente_short SEMFYC 2012.
Análisis y perspectivas 2012: exclusión y desarrollo social. Informe anual 2013
Autoría_short Fundación Foessa
Fuente_short Fundación Foessa 2012.
Análisis y perspectivas 2014: Precariedad y Cohesión Social.
Autoría_short Fundación Foessa 2014
Fuente_short Fundación Foessa 2014
Analysis and determination the efficiency of the European health systems.
Autoría_short Del Rocío Moreno-Enguix M, Gómez-Gallego JC, Gómez Gallego M.
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Analysis of changes in trends in the consumption rates of benzodiazepines and benzodiazepine-related drugs
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Analysis of Consultation Demand in a Mental Health Centre during the Recent Economic Recession
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Fuente_short Psychiatr Q 2020
Antenatal stress: An Irish case study
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Anthropogenic eutrophication affects the body size of Cymodocea nodosa in the North Aegean Sea: A long-term, scale-based approach
Autoría_short Vasileios P, Sotiris O.
Fuente_short Mar Pollut Bull. 2017
Anticipating Economic Market Crises Using Measures of Collective Panic.
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Anxiety and depression in the age of austerity: public health´s problems with IAPT
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Anxiety and Depression in the Portuguese Older Adults: Prevalence and Associated Factors
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