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Gestor bibliográfico Crisis y Salud

Título Autor / Publicación
Attitudes towards depression, psychiatric medication and help-seeking intentions amid financial crisis: Findings from Athens area.
Autoría_short Economou M, Bergiannaki JD, Peppou LE, Karayanni I, Skalkotos G, Patelakis A, Souliotis K, Stefanis C.
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Austere or not? UK coalition government budgets and health inequalities.
Autoría_short Reeves A, Basu S, et al
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Austeridad y privatización sanitaria en época de crisis: ¿existen diferencias entre las comunidades autónomas?
Austerity and Abortion in the European Union.
Autoría_short Lima JM, Reeves A, Billari F, McKee M, Stuckler D.
Fuente_short Eur J Public Health. 2016
Austerity and families with disabled children: a European survey.
Autoría_short Horridge KA, Dew R, Chatelin A, Seal A, Macias LM, Cioni G, Kachmar O, Wilkes S; European Academy of Childhood Disability..
Fuente_short Dev Med Child Neurol. 2019
Austerity and fiscal prudence are health issues.
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Austerity and health in Europe.
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Austerity and health: the impact in the UK and Europe
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Austerity and healthcare privatization in times of crisis: are there any differences among autonomous communities?
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Austerity and its implications for immigrant health in France
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Austerity and old-age mortality in England: a longitudinal cross-local area analysis, 2007-2013.
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Austerity and sustainable sexual and reproductive health care.
Autoría_short Pittrof R, Sauer U, Covshoff E.
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Austerity and the embodiment of neoliberalism as ill-health: Towards a theory of biological sub-citizenship
Autoría_short Sparke M.
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Austerity and the future of the Brazilian Unified Health System (SUS): health in perspective.
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Austerity and the new age of population health?
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Austerity and the sector-wide approach to health: The Mozambique experience
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Fuente_short Soc Sci Med. 2017
Austerity bites.
Autoría_short [No authors listed]
Fuente_short Nature. 2015
Austerity comes to Latin America: Lessons from the recent European experience on studying its effects on health.
Autoría_short Barreto ML.
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Austerity cuts are eroding benefits of Sure Start children´s centres.
Autoría_short Torjesen I.
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Austerity in Greece not only kills but also curtails births and marriages.
Autoría_short Michas G, Papadopoulos S, et al
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