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Gestor bibliográfico Crisis y Salud

Título Autor / Publicación
A discrete event simulation model to evaluate the treatment pathways of patients with cataract in the United Kingdom.
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A European late starter: lessons from the history of reform in Irish health care
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A framework for assessing health system resilience in an economic crisis: Ireland as a test case.
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A fuzzy set approach to economic crisis, austerity and public health. Part I. European countries´ conformity to ideal types during the economic downturn
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A Global Model for Bankruptcy Prediction.
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A health system in economic crises: A case study from Iceland
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A historical perspective of the effect of the great recession on hospitals.
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A longitudinal comparison of age patterns and rates of suicide in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Japan and two Western countries
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A manifesto for the age-friendly movement: developing a new urban agenda
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A Manifesto for the Age-Friendly Movement: Developing a New Urban Agenda.
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A measure of the efficiency of primary care in Barcelona (Spain) incorporating quality indicators
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A Mixed-Methods Study Using a Nonclinical Sample to Measure Feasibility of Ostrich Community: A Web-Based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Program for Individuals With Debt and Associated Stress
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A narrative review on the effect of economic downturns on the nursing labour market: implications for policy and planning.
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A nationwide survey of training satisfaction and employment prospects among Greek gastroenterology fellows during the economic recession.
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A natural experimental study of the protective effect of home ownership on household food insecurity in Canada before and after a recession (2008-2009)
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A new method of identifying target groups for pronatalist policy applied to Australia
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A news media analysis of economic sanction effects on access to medicine in Iran.
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A Policy Framework for Health Systems to Promote Triple Aim Innovation.
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A prescription for unemployment? Recessions and the demand for mental health drugs.
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A prospective cohort study evaluating the cost-effectiveness of carbetocin for prevention of postpartum haemorrhage in caesarean sections
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